Part of the growing move towards conscious consumption with years of experience in connecting local producers to discerning consumers. 

We like to be local because it supports the local economy, increases the quality of fresh produce and reduces the environmental impact of consumption. It also means we can visit producers and assess for ourselves if these correspond to Bali Direct values. We stock imported products only when these are not available locally or when the local variants may contain GMOs, We have no products with GMOs or that contain palm oil and we have committed to no plastic in our deliveries.

We commit to being informed and open about the products we source and working with producers and makers who operate with the same transparency. Working towards a business that supports conscious consumption we are aware that there are compromises and trade-offs in reaching social, economic and environmental objectives. Each product we stock is considered against this and our other core values. We believe that if we are open and informed, we will be able to learn and improve how we work.

The principle of kindness, for us, is inseparable from our values. In practice this means we pledge not to profit from production that does not respect social and environmental integrity. We support production that contributes to the food sovereignty and reduced poverty of producers whilst managing natural resources in trust for future generations. Sometimes this simply means conscious sourcing. Other times we actively give back, by investing in the production, education and livelihoods of producers.

Experienced and transparent produce sourcing

The Bali Direct team has years of experience working with producers, governments and certification agencies in developing produce quality control mechanisms. We support producers who have invested in organic certification as well as the many producers who would like to serve the organic market but cannot afford certification.

The majority of our fresh produce comes from our own farmer’s group in Bedugul and is grown on virgin volcanic soils from farm saved seeds. We perform a due diligence on all our suppliers so can ensure that you are informed about where your fresh produce comes from and how it has been cultivated. When we say our produce is ‘organic’ it means we can stand side by side and munch it straight out of the ground!

Certified Organic

Fresh produce that is free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes as certified by an accredited third party.


Fresh produce that require no chemical additives to support growth and whose cultivation is known to be largely chemical free in Bali. This is our ‘loosest’ category and we commit to updating our knowledge of both cultivation practices and producers.


Bali grown and processed produce whose organic claim is credible because of the characteristics of the produce, our validation and the reputation of the producers. Note that this category is not certified by an accredited third party.


Fresh produce whose cultivation is known to be difficult without synthetic additives and whose claim to be organic would require consistent validation or certification.

Plastic, waste and environment 

  We use only banana leaf and paper packaging in deliveries

  We collaborate with suppliers to reduce plastic throughout the supply chain.

  We gather, bake, juice and mix daily to reduce the need for preservation waste

  We have a returns policy on our glass bottles and jars.

  We make used bottles and jars are returned to our producers.

  We use an urban compost service for organic waste.

Quality, authenticity and sustainability

The global Slow Food Movement aims to prevent the disappearance of local food traditions and rekindle interest in how our food choices affect the world around us. The Snail of Approval is awarded to those producers, purveyors and artisans who contribute to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food and beverages we consume.


Snail of Approval Bali Direct