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Baking is Our Super Power, What’s Yours?

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Bali Bakeries are world class! We have had our ear to the ground listening to what customers recommend as the latest must-have favourite creation from the best of Bali’s bakeries. Our objective is to select the very best from each of the bakeries and put them together in one place so that you can shop the very best baked goods. We are happy to work with ACME Bakers from Pererenan, and love their sourdough and foccacia. Aurora and Motion both make excellent fitness and keto breads, as well as a big variety of keto cookies, muffins and sweets. Made’s Banana Flour Bakery is leading the pack on gluten-free creations using, yup, banana flour, with its admirable advantages in being super local and sustainable. The Sweet Escape, drawing on Moroccan traditions, makes great flat breads as well as semolina based sweets. Mindful Munchies make vegan sweets that are every bit as sumptuous and creamy as non-vegan ones and we challenge you to try some and see if you don’t agree! And if you haven’t yet tried a Panettone, please do, if only to applaud the miracle of creating this Italian tradition right here in Bali. They have a passionate Italian following who agrees it is every bit the real thing! Then there is Baking & Co, to whom, hats off, for producing a Panettone, traditional Italian sweet bread, using traditional Italian recipes, which in the tropical climate of Bali is a labour of love. If you haven’t yet, be sure to scroll through the pages and see what we have gathered for you from the best of Bali’s Bakers. 

Acme Foccacia  

Soft, moist, available plain or with pumpkin, these are perfect for aperitivo or slicing in half for a sumptuous sandwich. They are not too filling yet provide a thick enough base to hold any sandwich ingredient and soak up dressings. Finger licking good!

Sourdough & Pain au Levain

No wonder people love sourdough. It’s so tantalisingly sour and chewy. We have a few takes on this from ACME, Samadhi and more. Browse through our pages and have a look. Or order a few and decide which is your favourite. Perfect for slicing and freezing too.

Pita Bread and Pizza Base

You will never be short of a quick snack if you have these in your fridge. They are great used fresh to wrap around just about anything, or try heating them in a pan and throwing on cheese and toppings for an impromput pizza. Or of course, get the pizza base and have a pizza evening, some well known pizza places in town do the same!

Keto and Fitness Breads

Motion Fitness Foods and Samadhi make amazing Keto Bread. They are gluten-free too, and packed full of flax seeds, almond flour, oats, nuts and more for a powerful protein punch.  Delicious with jams, tomato, avocado or just plain butter for a healthy start to the day. Be sure to browse the full selection and we would love to hear how you prefer yours.


Information on products, sourcing, production, sustainability standards, certification, and much more for those who want to dive deeper.

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