Kul Kul Farm

Kul Kul Farm is a permaculture farm located a skip away from the Green School in Bali. With a passion for sustainably growing healthy, wholesome food, Kul Kul Farm’s delicious products are grown in harmony with nature.

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  • cassava leaves

    Organic Cassava Leaves

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 22,000
    500 g

    Not available this week

  • Organic Dried Rosella Flowers

    Organic Dried Rosella Flowers

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 33,000
    35 g

    In stock

  • Organic Ginger

    Organic Javanese Ginger

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 11,000
    100 g

    Not available this week

  • organic old coconut

    Organic Old Coconut

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 15,000
    1 pc

    In stock

  • organic pandan leaf

    Organic Pandan Leaf

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 7,000
    250 g

    Not available this week

  • Thai Basil

    Organic Thai Basil

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 12,000

    Not available this week

  • organic young papaya

    Organic Young Papaya

    Kul Kul Farm Rp 27,000
    1 pc

    In stock