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Nut Butters, Jams, and Spreads

Scroll down this truly amazing page of nut butters, flavoured caramel spreads, creative jams and jellies as well as hummus, babaganoush and other savoury spreads and dips.


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  • Coconut Jam Organic Small

    Bali Nutra Rp38,000
    130 g

    In stock

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

    Pod Rp170,000
    425 g

    In stock

  • Spread Nuts and Choco

    Samadi Rp95,000
    250 g

    In stock

  • Spread Caramel Lime and Basil

    Samadi Rp55,000
    230 g

    In stock

  • Spread Caramel Sea Salted

    Samadi Rp55,000
    230 g

    In stock

  • Chocolate Bonbon

    Samadi Rp99,000
    250 g

    In stock

  • Apple Butter

    Apple Butter

    Bali Asli Rp73,000
    330 ml

    In stock

  • cashewtella


    Aurora Bakery Rp106,000
    250 g
  • Organic Coconut Butter

    Coconut Butter Organic

    Bali Nutra Rp86,000
    350 g

    In stock

  • salted butter caramel

    Salted Butter Caramel

    Aurora Bakery Rp70,500
    225 g
  • vegan caramel

    Vegan Caramel

    Aurora Bakery Rp71,000
    240 g