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Creativity, Diversity, and Giving Back in Bali

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Creativity, Diversity, and Giving Back in Bali

The vision of supporting small producers and artisans to reach elite markets is what drives us at Bali Direct. We are on a mission to show that almost everything can be produced either in Bali or Indonesia. Local producers are able to adapt their products to the fast-moving and specific tastes of higher-end consumers. Not only that, income generated from these products goes directly into the hands of the many small and micro businesses that are the heart of the Indonesian economy.  We bring decades of professional experience and a heartfelt commitment to this mission. 


We are grateful that there is such natural abundance in Bali and that there are so many hands and minds creating magic from the bounty. There are products for every diet –  keto, paleo and vegan – with a pretty big focus on gut health too. There is a lot of fusion between culinary traditions, for example the magic happening in the fusion between Italy and Bali!

The deep culinary traditions of Italy, the bountiful produce of Bali, and a lot of mutual respect, hard work, trial and error are behind the Italian products that we feature in our store. Most of the products have a story supported by a passion! We think that’s the way it should be with food.


There is a lot of good-will too and we like to play our part. Whether through our support for legendary birth clinic Bumi Sehat, building green houses, investment in Aluan Virgin Coconut Oil, supporting Bali Street Mom’s and the Everest Campaign to Mount Batur during the pandemic. This last initiative supported the Bali Children’s Foundation to improve the education of thousands of children in North Bali. Long and short, it’s good to be part of the creativity, diversity and generosity that is Bali.


Information on products, sourcing, production, sustainability standards, certification, and much more for those who want to dive deeper.

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