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Everesting on Mt Batur Campaign

Our support to the Everesting Mt Batur Campaign and Bali Children’s Foundation – BCF – to improve the educational opportunities of children in Bali.

In early July 2021 a group of dedicated endurance athletes from around Bali came together on the slopes of Mt Batur to hike non-stop the height of Mt Everest – that’s 35 return loops on Mt Batur equivalent to 8848 metres, within around 27 hours.

We raised funds to support BCF’s ongoing work to improve the education of thousands of Children in Songan, which lies under the shadow of Mt Batur, one of Bali’s sacred mountains. You can learn more about the work of BCF and our donations here

Bali Direct provided the logistical support to the athletes, and made sure they are well fuelled with nutritious foods along with generous sponsorship provided by some of our suppliers: CoVita, Granola Creations, Green Rebel, POD Chocolate, Motion Café, and Strive.


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