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Going Local! It’s a Blast! 

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Going Local! It’s a Blast! 

We know, we wax lyrical on the local theme! Good for us, good for the planet, and so on! But well, it really really is, and not just that, so often it’s possible and just takes going the extra mile to explore options. The pleasure of finding local replacements for usually imported items or at least importing the raw material and processing them here is a big one! Especially because, as far as food is concerned, Indonesia usually exports raw material and the value is added elsewhere.

Oatside Milk is a good example – yes it’s made with Australian oats (they aren’t grown in Indonesia) and Turkish hazelnuts (same) but it’s processed in Indonesia. One product that has been driving us nuts is canned pet food! Why does it have to be produced elsewhere and imported to Indonesia? Well, no longer, Nuts is made in Bali, from Bali ingredients, by locals, for local animals. Right here in Tabanan. We also found a great oil processing facility in Tabanan, that cold presses nuts and seeds in case you feel in need of an oil change!

Of course, all our veggies are super local and are harvested in the morning less than an hour away. This year we have added three new local suppliers, In the Raw, Sandan, and Bali Grown Aquaponics. They all bring their own expertise, knowledge, and farming practices but share a passion for growing vibrant vegetables and herbs.

Tamba Sanjiwani Bali 

Cold-pressed oils of avocado, sacha inchi, evening primrose, avocado, pumpkin, and flaxseed. It’s great to change your oil once in a while, especially if you can move to cold-pressed oil. You might want to put some on your body too!

Oatside Milk 

One of our bestsellers, this oat milk is simply good, on its own and in everything. Wish we could have oats in Bali, but at least we can get as close to made in Indonesia. Try their hazelnut and chocolate flavours too. We love them both on the rocks!


Made in Bali using only Bali ingredients with variants for dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies. Quality meat and plenty of veggies too! Even seaweed. Thumbs up from the animals although one kitty did not like her sweet potatoes!

Jamu Sehati

Jamu is about as local as it goes and honestly it should be exported by the gallons. Their jamu combinations include the classic plus variations adapted for specific health functions drawing on a deep well of trial and error.



Have you seen our Chill Room in Pererenan yet? Please go visit, it’s gorgeous. We hang out there just to look at our veggies. We have a lot of new suppliers who have just come so we are fully stocked with organic veggies! Hydroponic, aquaponic, permaculture, heirloom and just plain organic. Some non-organic too! We are still looking for organic potatoes, onions, garlic and loads more organic celery! If you know where it’s growing, let us know!

Sorghum Rice

Like rice it’s local, but this one is a great alternative to rice, at least once in a while, because it’s also mineral rich and goes easy on the water. Pretty good too, check out our recipes. You may never switch back!

Kenari Nut Butter

Kenari nut butter is delicious and a great alternative to almond butter if you want to change your butters for a while and go easy on the environment. It’s local and grows with ease! We stock it in three yummy flavours, including Specalatius.


Information on products, sourcing, production, sustainability standards, certification, and much more for those who want to dive deeper.

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