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Moon Phases

the moon in black and white

Moon Phases

Skincare according to the lunar cycles.

Do you take advantage of the lunar energy to maximize your beauty?

The Moon represents our inner world, it always reminds us that (like its phases) we can change and transform ourselves whenever we want. Every month, we have a new opportunity to start over and achieve fulfillment. If you know each phase of the moon and all its qualities, it is much easier to use all its magic and energy since our body and our mind are very associated with the Moon. Each moon phase has different characteristics and we can use them as it suits us best.

The cycle of the Moon is mainly divided into two parts: the first 14 days in which the moon grows are suitable to grow, promote, increase, and produce. And instead, the second half of the lunar cycle (the Moon begins to decrease) is adequate to do the things in which one needs to reduce, cut with everything bad or finish.

The lunar cycle can influence our daily beauty rituals. Also our state of mind, food, health, relationships, nature, sex, fertility…


How to sync with each moon phase

New Moon Ritual

Beginning of the cycle. Our satellite is in conjunction with the sun and a part visible to us does not light up. It is the best time to start a new stage that leads us to what we really want to become. They are days of reflection on life, mind, and body. In this phase, you must focus on yourself and accumulate the necessary energies. It is time to pamper ourselves a little and take care of ourselves. Use a body oil that smells like a dream and massage it slowly through your skin to take care of yourself during this moon phase.


Crescent Moon Ritual

The sun’s rays illuminate only a small part of the moon. A good ritual to guarantee our well-being is to take a bath to release energy. It represents the growth and energy to create new projects in every way since it is time for start-up and development. It is the ideal time to moisturize, hydrate and tone the skin. Our ACHIOTE SEED + CACTUS EXTRACT BALANCING MIST will help to tone and balance the PH of the skin, providing calm and hydration to the skin.


Full Moon Ritual

When observing the moon in the sky, we see all its fullness that reflects the light of the sun. The most energetic and powerful momentary glow is created that helps us to intensify and attract what we need. We recommend connecting with the light that the Moon produces for at least a few minutes to illuminate positive things: prosperity, abundance, love, fertility, and creativity. Time of fullness and maturity.

It is advisable to give a dose of hydration to our skin so that the effects of the next treatments in the other lunar phases are potentiated. Our GOJI BERRY + GINSENG ROOT DEEP MOISTURE is ideal for nourishing, repairing, and soothing the skin.


Waning Moon Ritual

Half of the face of the moon visible from the ground is illuminated. It helps us eliminate the unnecessary in our life and alleviate any additional burdens that we have. Get rid of everything that boycotts your happiness. Perfect time to say “thank you” and break out of those toxic circles.

It is the ideal time to get a good facial to remove pimples and unwanted impurities. We recommend our PAPAIN + SHEA BUTTER GENTLE POLISH for a gentle exfoliation, revitalization, and detox of the skin.


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