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  • Gluten-Free Bread Loaf

    Bread Loaf Gluten Free

    Aurora Bakery Rp72,500
    420 g
  • Gluten Free Melty Cake Whole

    Aurora Bakery Rp175,500
    Diameter 16 cm
  • Vegan Cashewtella Cake Whole

    Aurora Bakery Rp130,000
    Diameter 16 cm
  • Vegan Chocolate and Cranberry Slice

    Chocolate and Cranberry Slice...

    Aurora Bakery Rp31,900
    60 g
  • Chocolate 75% Cacao Almond

    Aurora Bakery Rp39,000
    47 g
  • Chocolate 85% Cacao Nibs

    Aurora Bakery Rp39,000
    47 g
  • Chocolate 75% Cacao

    Cook and Baker Rp39,000
    47 g

    In stock

  • Chocolate Keto 75% Cacao

    Aurora Bakery Rp45,000
    47 g
  • Chocolate 69% Cacao Marine Salt

    Aurora Bakery Rp39,000
    47 g
  • Cinnamon Roll

    Aurora Bakery Rp30,450
    1 pcs
  • Vegan Cranberry Almond Chia Bar

    Cranberry Almond Chia Bar Vegan

    Aurora Bakery Rp29,000
    65 g
  • Vegan Double Chocolate Cookie

    Aurora Bakery Rp25,375
    80 g
  • Vegan Snickers Slice

    Aurora Bakery Rp29,000
    60 g
  • Flaxseed Sourdough Baguette

    Flaxseed Sourdough Baguette

    Aurora Bakery Rp25,810
    270 g
  • Tomato, Olive & Mushroom Quiche

    Tomato Olive & Mushroom...

    Aurora Bakery Rp42,050
    155 g
  • baba ganoush

    Baba Ganoush

    Aurora Bakery Rp66,500
    200 g
  • Beetroot Hummus

    Aurora Bakery Rp59,000
    200 g
  • caramelized peanuts

    Caramelized Peanuts

    Aurora Bakery Rp30,000
    170 g
  • cashewtella


    Aurora Bakery Rp102,000
    250 g
  • Choco Oats Cookies

    Choco Oat Cookie

    Aurora Bakery Rp9,425
    1 pc - 20 g
  • choco oat cookies

    Choco Oat Cookies Pack

    Aurora Bakery Rp53,650
    7 pcs x 20 g
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie

    Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free

    Aurora Bakery Rp26,100
    1 pc - 60 g
  • Keto Gluten Free Chocolate Walnut...

    Aurora Bakery Rp25,375
    1 pc - 60 g
  • Keto Gluten Free Coconut Almond...

    Aurora Bakery Rp25,375
    1 pc - 60 g
  • Keto Gluten Free Peanut Butter...

    Aurora Bakery Rp25,375
    1 pc - 60 g
  • mixed seeds salad topper

    Mixed Seeds Salad Topper

    Aurora Bakery Rp47,500
    120 g
  • Kimchi Vegan Aurora

    Aurora Bakery Rp84,100
    500 g
  • Plain Hummus

    Aurora Bakery Rp52,000
    200 g
  • red pepper and chilli hummus

    Red Pepper and Chilli Hummus

    Aurora Bakery Rp60,500
    200 g
  • rosemary & lemon crackers

    Rosemary & Lemon Crackers

    Aurora Bakery Rp39,000
    6 pcs
  • salted butter caramel

    Salted Butter Caramel

    Aurora Bakery Rp68,000
    225 g
  • Vegan & Gluten Free Choco Chip Cookies

    Choco Chip Cookies Vegan &...

    Aurora Bakery Rp18,125
    1 pc - 55 g
  • Vegan and Gluten Free Lemon Cookies

    Vegan & Gluten Free Lemon...

    Aurora Bakery Rp17,500
    1 pc - 50 g
  • Keto Chocolate Mousse

    Aurora Bakery Rp42,000
    110 g
  • Mousse Raw Chocolate Vegan

    Aurora Bakery Rp42,000
    150 g
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free Choco Chip Cookies

    Choco Chip Cookies Vegan and...

    Aurora Bakery Rp87,000
    5 pcs
  • Crackers Multiseed Smoked Cheddar...

    Aurora Bakery Rp40,500
    5 pcs

    Out of stock

  • Vegan and Gluten-Free Multi-Seed Crackers

    Vegan and Gluten-Free Multi-Seed...

    Aurora Bakery Rp39,000
    5 pcs
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free Tomato Basil Crackers

    Vegan and Gluten-Free Tomato...

    Aurora Bakery Rp39,000
    5 pcs
  • vegan bacon bits

    Vegan Bacon Bits

    Aurora Bakery Rp44,500
    120 g

All of our Bali Boxes are prepared fresh, daily.

Bali Box is a meal in a box, containing all the ingredients you need, and a recipe with simply explained preparation and cooking steps. There’s no food waste, which means you save money, and everything fresh is wrapped in banana leaf and comes in a biodegradable box, to reduce disposable waste.

Choose from either 2-3 servings or 4-5 servings.

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All of these products are delivered to Bumi Sehat, a community health and childbirth centre in Ubud. Simply add to your cart and we will deliver them on your behalf to Bumi Sehat.

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