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  • Kitchen Towel

    Wateru Rp54,000
    2 Rolls x70 Sheets, 2ply

    In stock

  • Terra Ceramic Water Filter

    Terra Water Indonesia Rp2,400,000
    20 L

    In stock

  • Desinfectant Liquid

    SuperMOM Rp46,000
    1.5 L

    In stock

  • Eco Cleaner

    Leaf Juice Rp86,000
    500 ml

    In stock

  • Barry Brush

    IbuBumi Rp56,000
    1 pc

    In stock

  • Cuban Mop

    IbuBumi Rp152,000
    1 set

    In stock

  • Husky Hunk

    IbuBumi Rp18,000
    1 pc

    In stock

  • All Natural Sponge

    All Natural Sponge

    IbuBumi Rp35,500
    1 Sponge

    In stock

  • Natural Broom

    IbuBumi Rp50,000
    1 pc

    In stock

  • Bottle and Kitchen Brush

    Bottle and Kitchen Brush

    IbuBumi Rp66,000
    1 Brush

    In stock

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

    Tiing Bambu Rp24,500
    1 pc

    In stock

  • Linen or Room Spray Gardenia...

    Savara Rp64,000
    100 ml

    In stock

  • Natural Laundry Soap Medium

    Bali Soap Rp116,000
    1 L

    In stock

  • Peach Roses

    Bouquet Flowers Rp58,000
    10 pcs + peacock

All of our Bali Boxes are prepared fresh, daily.

Bali Box is a meal in a box, containing all the ingredients you need, and a recipe with simply explained preparation and cooking steps. There’s no food waste, which means you save money, and everything fresh is wrapped in banana leaf and comes in a biodegradable box, to reduce disposable waste.

Choose from either 2-3 servings or 4-5 servings.

Shop for Bumi Sehat

All of these products are delivered to Bumi Sehat, a community health and childbirth centre in Ubud. Simply add to your cart and we will deliver them on your behalf to Bumi Sehat.

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