Almond Honey Bites

Mia Chia
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Origin: Java
Cultivation: Natural
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Mia Chia’s Almond Honey Bites are moderately sweet with over 50% composition made from whole almonds. Flavored with raw, unfiltered natural honey from the tropical archipelago of Sulawesi. Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, with no preservatives and no sugar added.


Ingredients: almonds, dates, raw honey, sea salt


Mia Chia recipes are simple and clean. All ingredients are organic, raw and unprocessed and every recipe contains only 3-5 high quality ingredients (+ love & hard work!). Mia Chia does not apply any heat treatment, which preserves the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes in each snack. Mia Chia is the perfect guilt-free snack!


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