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Carolina Reaper Sambal

Novio Farm


100 ml

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Carolina reaper sambal, is made with the record breaking Carolina reaper chili pepper, grown at our own farms in Bali. This sambal is not for the faint of heart! Heat Rating 5.
All natural ingredients, free from any derivatives of animal origin, gluten free, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The chilies are simply cooked with shallots, garlic, palm sugar and coconut oil, to highlight the unique flavour of the reaper!

Ingredients: Carolina reaper chili, ghost pepper, salt, garlic, shallot, palm sugar, coconut oil.

Carolina Reaper Sambal can be used sparingly on any Indonesian dishes or any food which needs volcanic heat!

Can be stored at room temperature, shake well before use, once opened store in the refrigerator.

Novio Farms is an organic grower of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Our 5-hectare vegetable farm is in the highlands of Plaga, but in the last few years, we have grown passionate about growing, cooking, eating chilies. We love all the subtle flavors on offer from chilies as well as, of course, the chili heat!
We have been perfecting our growing techniques and using chilies to create unique taste creations in the form of chili sauces and sambals. Our chili goodies range from mild to extreme and lots in between! The majority of hot sauces are fermented and aged for a minimum of 4 months, fermented hot sauce has a more complex tangy flavor that you can only get by fermenting. It’s like a recipe of time, the fermentation “cooks” up more flavor than you could ever get without it. Plus, it has probiotics (like yogurt or kombucha), so it is really good for you as well.

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