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Cheese Bocconcini

Gioia Cheese
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3 pcs (150 g)

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural
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Meaning “little bItes” they are half the size of mozzarella but equally delicious.

Ideal as starters, they go perfectly well on salads, wrapped in ham, served with vegetables or melted on pasta and other oven-cooked dishes.

Ingredients: Cow’s Milk, Vegetable Rennet, Culture & Salt.

Shelf Life: 15 days in brine water.

Store in the fridge at 4C° at all times.

Gioia Cheese’s main resource is excellent organic cow milk. Through the years we traveled to Jawa, in the Malang area, and found our trusted non-intensive farms, where cows are only grass-fed with no antibiotics.

No preservatives, chemicals or speed up agents are involved in the production process. We only use non-animal rennet which makes our cheeses not only 100% natural, but also totally suitable for vegetarians.

Deliver in a glass jar. Return the glass jar in complete and clean condition, get your 1k coupon.


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