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Pork Loin Chops Free Range

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220 g

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Origin: Buleleng, Bali
Cultivation: Organic
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Free Range Pork Loin Chops are probably the leanest part of pork you can possibly get. Grill it or slow cook it, works both for a great weekend get together or a quicker weeknight meal. Organic fed.

Pigs from Wanaprasta are exclusively heritage bangkal hitam, also commonly referred to as “black hair pig”. They are master foragers. They are not grown in cocrete boxes but roam in large enclosures where they are fed a seasonal diet of fruits. The most dominant season is mango. The shortest season is mangosteen. You can taste the difference. Heritage bangkal hitam have a distinct, strong natural taste that will definitely make a difference on your plate. All pigs are raised without any additives of hormones, antibiotics, probiotics, vitamin supplements, or artificially processed foods. All this for your and the animals health. In Buleleng, these pigs live outdoors browsing on their own pastured spaces. Raising animals by nature in nature.

Wanaprasta supports rural development by advising, guiding and investing capital into infrastructures that directly support high quality rural products into demand markets. They also train farmers over several months to develop skills in organic farming and permaculture principles.
In Bali, we offer meats that have been grown in natural conditions and oppose factory farm systems. Our cruelty free commitment means we sustain ably harvest the Earths bounties and are actively aware of the sacrifice of all living things that are used to sustain us.


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