Free-Range Village Eggs

Bali Bedugul Farmer
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Rp 30,000

6 pc
Origin: Bedugul, Bali
Cultivation: Wild
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Free-Range Village Eggs from free range village chickens running around in Bedugul.

The island of the gods pulsates with chickens, roosters and hens. Bali’s athletic village chickens (ayam kampung) are free range–literally–they run, cluck, and drop feathers all over every ancient family compound and meticulously broom-swept Balinese yard. Highly preferred, eggs from local chickens are smaller than western factory produced eggs.

Traditionally these were a deeply integrated part of the local diet and an important source of protein. They are also a ready and easy source of extra income for many Balinese families.

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    very fresh and beautiful farm eggs!

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