Grated Parmasian

Gioia Cheese Indonesia
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200 g

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Origin: Indonesia
Cultivation: Organic
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Grated Parmasian by Gioia Indonesia. This product is 100% natural as it contains no preservatives nor chemical agents. It’s also suitable for vegetarians as Gioia uses only non-animal rennet in the production process.

Grated Parmasian is great on top of pastas, soups, fresh salads and all dishes cooked in the oven for a melt effect and tasty additional flavor.

Ingredients: pasteurized organic milk from Java, organic salt from Amed, vegetable rennet
Gioia Cheese Indonesia is dairy farm located in Denpasar. All Gioia’s equipment is imported from Italy while raw materials, such as milk and salt, are local and organic as Gioia aims to support the development of the territory. Gioia’s premises have successfully been audited by BPOM and cheeses have passed, with the highest grades, all the tests required by law.


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