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Healthy and Effective Plant Growth 1 L

Saisei Nano
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1 L
Origin: Bali
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Grow-well detoxifies your seeds/plants. When used regularly grow-well will leave you with healthy looking, juicier food, more tasty with optimum growth. Grow-well is the representation of the plasma in nature. Balancing the plant’s energy fields.

100% Natural – Cutting Edge Healthy and Effective Plant Growth

Spray directly, generously and regularly throughout the day, don’t rub in, leave to dry. Use as often as you like.

Help to nourish, protect and enhance yield for truly healthy, nutritious, toxin free food, plants, soil.

Composition: Aqua, Oxygen, Activated Carbon, Activated Zinc, Activated Copper, Activated Gold, and Activated Magnesium.

Many people are being held back in life by health conditions and challenges with their appearance. At Saisei Nano, we believe that humanity deserves to benefit from the many miraculous regenerative powers of plasma technology. So we have brought it to the world in the revolutionary form of liquid plasma sprays.

What is plasma? If a scientist takes ice (a solid), and heats it up, it becomes water (a liquid). If they heat up water, it becomes vapour (a gas). If they then energise that gas enough – it will transform into a PLASMA state. The same process is possible with any element. Plasma is the fourth state of matter. After solid, liquid and gas – comes PLASMA. Did you know: Over 99% of the observable matter in the universe is actually PLASMA

​What is liquid plasma? Liquid plasma is when PLASMA has been naturally harnessed and carried within a liquid – at Saisei we use specially distilled water as our carrier. The water acts as a vehicle for the PLASMA to be applied to your skin.

​So how does it work once I’ve applied it? Each of our products contains the PLASMA of a specific element. For example, REGENERATE is made using the PLASMA of CARBON. Each of the different elements in our products is chosen because of its specific health benefits – and most of these elements are the building blocks of life itself. When an element is in a PLASMA state – it transmits high frequency magnetic and gravitational fields.
These fields work by harmonizing and balancing the energy fields within your body – raising their frequency. The cells in your body that were within the LIQUID PLASMA’s fields then begin to operate and function at an improved and optimum function.
Resulting in the many benefits our different products provide


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