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Organic Ginger Beer

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330 ml

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Organic
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Non Alcoholic. Brewed with filtered rain water. Non Alcoholic. Extra Fizzy. No artificial  flavouring & Sweetener. This wild-fermented ginger beer is old-fashion, non-alcoholic, and extra spicy.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, fresh organic ginger, naturally occurring yeasts.

Refrigerate below 4 Celsius and do not shake. One to Six bottles per day.

Kore Culture Lab is rainwater derived low-calorie functional beverage producer. We aim to improve the lives of our customers by providing them great tasting, healthy and sustainably made products that align with their values through demonstrating how integrating permaculture into business can stoke positive change. We use regenerative practices to produce simple healthy beverages using local organic ingredients.



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