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Panettone Orange and Dark Chocolate (54%)

Baking Co.
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750 g
Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Non Organic
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Panettone is known worldwide as a traditional Italian sweet bread that is generally appreciated during Christmas and New year festivities.

Baking Co. PANETTONE Chocolate is prepared following the classic Italian recipe using pasta madre (sourdough) and carefully selected raw ingredients. A long double raising method lasting more than 48 hours is used to create an extraordinary soft texture filled with rich aromas of honey, vanilla and citrus fruits.

The addition of chocolate brings a new more creamy and round texture to the PANETTONE pleasing the taste of the young one too. Baking Co. is proud to offer an artisan product, free from preservatives and artificial flavors giving you a natural taste of a great traditional PANETTONE.

To serve: slice the PANETTONE in half and cut into smaller slices lengthways.

Enjoy PANETTONE with a coffee, tea, dessert wine or a spoon of Chantilly cream.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, egg yolk, cream butter, sugar, water, honey, vanilla, candied orange, dark chocolate (54%)

Baking CO. PANETTONE has a shelf life of 4 weeks from date of manufacturing.

To preserve its freshness, keep it tightly sealed in the original bag and store it at room temperature away from direct heat or sunlight.

Baking Co. is a food production facility based in Sanur. The company was started to fill a gap in Indonesia where a variety of good quality baked Italian products completely handcrafted with  Pasta Madre (sourdough) are missing. We believe in sourcing the best possible ingredients, locally when available, to create a community that will promote the quality of products around us. We strive to follow Italian tradition and at the same time to innovate with flavors that embrace local produce, culture, and taste. We pride ourselves in using only natural raw ingredients: No chemicals, No artificial flavoring, No coloring, No pre-mixes, and No additives. Quality is at the center of everything we do.


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