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Premium Cricket Powder Medium

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250 g

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Non Organic

Premium Cricket Powder Small brings to you one of the most exciting innovations and changemakers on the food market. Sprinkle it on your Nasi Goreng, Muesli or Granola, mix it into your smoothies or shakes, or down it as a pure energy-packed shot. Can also be used as a substitute for different types of flours for your baking needs. Simply replace 25% of flower with cricket powder and go about making your own pasta, bread or cakes.

Why are crickets great for human consumption?

  • 2x more protein than beef
  • 4 times more iron than spinach
  • More Omega 3 than salmon
  • Complete Protein for Muscle Growth
  • Packed with all 9 essential amino acids

Compared to beef, cricket cultivation uses:

  • 95 times less land
  • 2000 times less water
  • 25 times less feed
  • 2000 times less CO2 emissions

Keep sealed in dry, cool environment away from sunlight

Ingredients: Dried, ground crickets (Acheta Domesticus, 100%)


Biobug is a company specializing in farming andproducing natural insect protein for human consumption, implementing the best practices for all of our ingredients. With a diverse international knowledge and experience from farming, aquaculture, and environmental engineering fields, the founders share a common passion. Driven by goals in Innovation, science and sustainability and came together to bring a new age of delicious, insect based nutritional foods for a sustainable planet.


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