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Preserved Lemon

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Naturally preserved and fermented lemon, using salt, sugar, and time

Ingredients: Lemons, salt, sugar, spices.

Cooking Suggestions: The peel is the edibloe part here. Discard the flesh, rinse the peel under water. Then slice thin and use as a garlish.

Serve with: Cous cous, tomato salads, braised, chicken.

Jono’s is Bali’s premium charcuterie shop and butcher, opened in September 2020 by Chef John Becker. An American born Chef who spent nearly two decades working in Michelin starred restaurants in San Francisco and New York City, John wanted to pursue his passion for creating handmade artisanal products while highlighting the bounty of Indonesian produce.

Jono’s produces a large range of high quality meat products exclusively sourced from Bali’s best farms. All of the pork is local, ethically raised and free from hormones and antibiotics and a our spices and herbs, sourced locally and organically. Most of our spices are from nearby organic farms and dried in house in small batches for the freshest and most vibrant flavor, while the rest are sourced within greater Indonesia from organic spice farmers. We are passionate about quality, every step of the way from the farm to your plate. Our products are all made using time tested traditional methods, but with a fresh modern and playful approach. An old world craft through a new world lens


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