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Red Traditional Seasoning

Authentic Rawi


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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Red Traditional Seasoning or Bumbu Dasar Merah.

Bumbu dasar is a traditional Indonesian seasoning, use to make variety of dishes. We have three variants of bumbu dasar, each of it has its own usage and ingredients. All of our bumbu are using selected ingredients, cooked with titanium pan, and also we don’t use any preservatives . Making it a perfect healthy choice to spice up your food. Please use clean spoon to take the bumbu. Always store in refrigerator.

Ingredients: red chili, shallot, garlic, coconut oil.

Can be used for: Balado, lontong sayur, laksa, and add slightly spiciness to your dishes

Other than bumbu dasar we also have Balinese bumbu. Specifically to add the taste of Bali in your dishes. You can make it as a soup or to steam it with your favorite fish. It has authentic taste and will make your house smell like Balinese kitchen.

It began from our little kitchen in Jakarta in 2018.  Authentic Rawi produces traditional seasoning or we usually call it ‘bumbu’, to make various dishes. All of the products are freshly made, blend and stirred from the fresh selected spices. Starting from a small business that sells homemade specialties for families, we realize that family plays a big role in arranging healthy diet for the whole family. Cooking at home is healthier and can be fun too. But sometime making all the food by yourself is very time consuming, so we pre-made the seasoning to make it easier for you to cook. Our bumbu recipes were authentically inherited from our grandmother – Rawi who not only pour the secret recipe in our minds but also make us to be a creative chef. With Authentic Rawi, we believe everyone can be creative with their own cook to make the heathy family’s favorite food. Now, all our bumbu are homemade in our little kitchen in Canggu.


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