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Slim Tonic

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600 ml
Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural
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Slim Tonic  is a unique fusion of pineapple stock and cinnamon with a wide range of health benefits.

– Metabolism booster
– Helps to loose weight & reduce cellulite
– Diuretic function
– Anti inflammatory agent (especially for throat & muscle infection)
– Regulates blood sugar levels
– Great blood cleanser


Recommended Use:

Best use without any intake of food, during exercise or as a light snack in between meals. Drink pure, max. 600ml per day.


All Motion drinks are homemade with natural ingredients only. You will not find any kind of artificial additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancer or colorants in any of our products. Motion also refrains from refined sugars, using honey at the most.


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