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Healthy Soda Rosella Ginger

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280 ml

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural
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Sparkling Probiotic Rosella Ginger is a refreshing, naturally carbonated beverage. Made from living ‘Tibicos’ crystal cultures fermented with fruit/root. Covita is a healthy alternative to traditional fruit sodas. Living ‘Tibicos’ crystal cultures originate from the pads of the Opuntia cactus, commonly called prickly pear.

Ingredients: Living ‘Tibicos’ crystal cultures, fermented beneficial cane sugar (less than 3%), water, rosella, ginger.

Low calorie, healthiest soda, improves digestion, Kid-friendly, dairy-free, vegan, and delicious.

Covita was invented due to our concern after finding almost all drinks on the market are full with sugars or added gas and acids, use preservatives or chemical additives to extend the shelf life of their goods. Transform snack-food and soft-drink industry using healthy sustainable products that are good for the earth and well for your body is Covita’s main goal.



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