Temu Lawak Caps

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90 caps 400 mg

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Temu Lawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) is one of the best known liver medicines in Indonesia, used in the treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis. Temu lawak is also used to improve digestion and increase appetite. Temu lawak has been shown to stimulate the production of bile and works as a natural liver cleanser. Temu lawak is higher than turmeric in curcumin, which is an excellent anti-infammatory and anti-oxidant, aiding the healing of wounds and tissue repair.

Suggested dosage: 2-4 capsules per day with warm water.


Ingredients: Temu Lawak (Curcuma Xanthorrhiza) + Capusule (vegetarian, hpmc, hypromellose capsule)


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