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Turmeric Vanilla Latte

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75 g

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Organic
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Turmeric Vanilla Latte is a delicious and nourishing alternative latte, this medicinal herb, smoothly blended with velvety Vanilla beans will induce soporific effect and ease you into sleep. Turmeric and Vanilla are a perfect blend in this gut-friendly alternative to your hot drink routine.

Contains tumeric (55%), vanilla, ginger cardamon, cinnamon, black pepper, chilli.

Mix 1 teaspoon of latte blend with warmed milk of your choice, even add a teaspoon of raw honey and dusting of cinnamon.

A family company, daun aspires to mimic the vascular quality in natural Botany, delivering nutrients in support of health and wellness through their range. They curate and formulate Artisanal Medicinal Blends to support and replenish reservoirs of vitality.


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