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TreeNut Cheezery

A local artisan based in Ubud, TreeNut Cheezery’s delicious vegan cheeses are made fresh and ready to eat – simply order here and we’ll bring them to you wherever you are in Bali, free of charge.

TreeNut Cheezery’s delicious range

  • Cheese Vegan Valencay

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp125,000
    180 g

    In stock

  • Camembert Vegan

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp101,500
    200 g

    Out of stock

  • Cheese Gorgonzola Vegan

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp112,000
    160 g

    Out of stock

  • Garlic and Herb Cheese Vegan

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp77,000
    170 g

    In stock

  • Reaper Jack Vegan Cheese

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp83,000
    300 g

    Out of stock

  • Vegan Black Pepper Cheese

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp83,000
    150 g

    In stock

  • Vegan Smoked Cheddar

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp109,000
    200 g

    Out of stock

  • Butter Vegan

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp65,000
    250 g

    Out of stock

All of our Bali Boxes are prepared fresh, daily.

Bali Box is a meal in a box, containing all the ingredients you need, and a recipe with simply explained preparation and cooking steps. There’s no food waste, which means you save money, and everything fresh is wrapped in banana leaf and comes in a biodegradable box, to reduce disposable waste.

Choose from either 2-3 servings or 4-5 servings.

Shop for Bumi Sehat

All of these products are delivered to Bumi Sehat, a community health and childbirth centre in Ubud. Simply add to your cart and we will deliver them on your behalf to Bumi Sehat.

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