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Donation FAQ

We like to be Local, we like to be Kind, and we like to be Open. These values underpin our business and also guide the way we engage with our community. That’s why we have partnered with Bumi Sehat, a community health and childbirth center in Ubud, to provide fresh vegetables for their patients and staff.

  • How do I make a donation?

    It’s easy! Select the vegetables you would like to donate under the Mt. Agung tab in our Store, and we will deliver them to Bumi Sehat on your behalf. 

    If you’re based in Bali and would like to donate vegetables as part of your Bali Direct order, you can pay by cash when we deliver your products. If you’re interested in solely making a donation, send us an email at and we will arrange a bank transfer. You can complete the order online and select Cash as your payment method.

  • What is Bumi Sehat and why are you partnering with them?

    Bumi Sehat is a community health and childbirth center in Ubud with a mission to provide free high quality healthcare and kind, hygienic, culturally appropriate childbirth for anyone who needs it. 

    The clinic has no religious affiliation and honours all requests and faith traditions, aiming to help mothers feel safe and supported. Bumi Sehat was founded by Robin Lim in 1995, and in 2011 she received CNN’s Hero of the Year Award for her efforts. The clinic has provided prenatal checkups, postpartum care, and other childbirth-related services to thousands of Indonesians.

    Bumi Sehat is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

  • Where do the vegetables come from?

    The vegetables donated to Bumi Sehat are all produced locally here in Bali by Ariesta Farm or Bali Bedugul. We make a point of donating products that are both local and culturally appropriate. 

  • How do you decide which vegetables to donate?

    We are in constant communication with Bumi Sehat to determine which vegetables they need and in what quantities.

  • Why are some of the vegetables showing as out of stock?

    If you find a product you want to donate is not available today, it is because we have reached our daily donation limit. If this happens please choose another product or come back the next day.

  • Are you making a profit off these donations?

    No, we are proud that 100% of the proceeds go towards donations for Bumi Sehat. The prices you see are set at retail value, but we reinvest every dollar exceeding the wholesale value to add more vegetables for donation. 

  • Other questions?

    Drop us an email at