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Aluan is replanting on existing, under-utilised land so no rainforest is affected, maximising the value-add to coconuts by supporting farming families at the origin, and utilising every part of the coconut to achieve zero waste. It’s a delicious way to make good in the world.

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  • Coconut Flour Organic

    Aluan Rp130,000
    1.5 kg

    Not available this week

  • Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 300 ml

    Aluan Rp95,000
    300 ml

    In stock

  • coconut cooking oil

    Oil Coconut Cooking 5L

    Aluan Rp305,000
    5 L

    In stock

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

    Oil Raw Virgin Coconut 5L

    Aluan Rp650,000
    5 L

    In stock

  • Oil Raw Virgin Coconut 20 L

    Aluan Rp2,250,000
    20 L