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  • Wash and Wear Facemask

    IbuBumi Rp61,000
    L (10cm x 20cm)

    In stock

  • All Natural Sponge

    All Natural Sponge

    IbuBumi Rp35,500
    1 Sponge

    In stock

  • Beeswax Take Away Bags

    Beeswax Take Away Bags

    IbuBumi Rp101,500
    1 Bag

    In stock

  • Bottle and Kitchen Brush

    Bottle and Kitchen Brush

    IbuBumi Rp66,000
    1 Brush

    In stock

  • Wooden Comb

    IbuBumi Rp25,500
    1 pcs

    In stock

  • Natural Laundry Scent Citrus

    Natural Laundry Scent Citrus Sunshine

    IbuBumi Rp76,000
    5 ml

    In stock

  • Natural Lotion Bar

    Natural Lotion Bar

    IbuBumi Rp61,500
    40 g

    In stock

  • Produce Mesh Bag

    Produce Mesh Bags

    IbuBumi Rp101,500
    3 Bags 12" x 14"

    In stock

  • Reusable Kitchen Cloths

    Reusable Kitchen Wipes

    IbuBumi Rp61,000
    2 pcs

    In stock

  • Sale! Soapnut Natural Laundry Soap

    Soapnut Natural Laundry Soap

    IbuBumi Rp56,000 Rp53,000
    250 g

    In stock

  • Storage Bag Set of 3

    Storage Bag Set of 3

    IbuBumi Rp81,500
    3 Bags

    In stock

  • Sale! Transitional Bag

    Transitional Bag

    IbuBumi Rp127,000 Rp90,000
    2 Bags

    In stock