Arabica Dark French Roast Ground Coffee

Cosmic Coffee
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Rp 80,000

235 g

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Origin: Kintamani, Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Arabica Dark French Roast Ground Coffee made by COSMIC COFFEE, a small sustainable livelihoods project on Mt. Batur producing some of the best coffee in Bali. Coffee farmer/holy woman Jero and her partners use traditional processes in order to support villagers and protect their environment, and pay farmers above market rates for the ripest red Arabica cherries.


Shaded by citrus and hardwood trees, nourished by volcanic soil, organic fertilizer and pure rainwater, the ripe cherries are hand picked and pulped, fermented, rinsed and dried in the mountain sun. The beans are roasted by hand in small batches. This obsessive attention to every part of the beans’ journey, from mountain tree to market, gives you the freshest coffee with an outstanding flavor profile of dark chocolate, toasted pecans and citrus: the taste is out of this world.


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