Big Gayatri Ghee

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1 L

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Big Gayatri Ghee is clarified butter, butter from which the milk solids and impurities have been removed. Modern science now verifies what Ayurvedic health science has said for thousands of years: Ghee has a host of health and cooking benefits and is good for the mind and spirit. Most people with casein or lactose intolerance do not have a problem with Ghee. In addition, it can be stored for years and has a high smoke point, which means that ghee will not break down into free radicals like many other oils.

Ingredients: Ghee

Bali-based Aranya Ayurvedics has been offering Ayurveda’s time-tested formulas to produce premium products formulated by Ayurvedic specialists that integrate tradition, sustainability and quality ingredients.

Supporting local farmers in Bali, Aranya proudly presents earth-to-table goods from teas, herbs, chutneys, ghee and oils that support daily self-care and Nature’s intended balance for each unique mind-body constitution.


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