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Salt for Pork

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50 g

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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural
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Our Artisanal Infused Salts are meticulously handcrafted to capture the soul of traditional Balinese flavours. We start from a magical salt blessed by the unique nature of Bali and extracted by local farmers following a thousand-year-old artisanal technique. We then infuse this salt with fresh essences of deeply rooted Balinese ingredients to craft a delicious touch that you can definitely taste. To use, simply sprinkle over food, before or after cooking.

Cuca Salts are available in 5 touches, all vegetarian but each created especially to complement different types of food: for pork, for poultry, for meat, for seafood, and for veggies.

Ingredients of Cuca Salts for Pork: sea salt, young ginger, turmeric, lemon basil.

Located in tranquil Jimbaran, Cuca is a restaurant that offers a cutting-edge concept of globally inspired, locally sourced tapas, cocktails and desserts. With its hard-earned solid reputation, Cuca is indeed one of South-east Asia’s most celebrated foodie destinations, coming highly recommended by, among many others, the Michelin Travel Guide and being awarded Trip Advisor Hall of Fame Winner.


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