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Marinated Persian Feta Cheese

8 Degrees Cheese
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140 g
Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural
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A lush tangy cows cheese marinated in fresh herbs and an extra virgin olive/canola blend. The cheese is a result of a low-temperature fermentation over 32 hours and then two further days draining the whey at cool temperatures to bring out a much more diverse culture profile whilst retaining the

Shelf Life: 4 weeks

Store in the fridge at 4C° at all times.

8 Degrees is the finest artisan cheese and yogurt on the island that use quality Indonesian milk and traditional cheesemaking practices to create premium cheeses and yogurts.

Milk is sourced raw from a 50 head grass-fed, single herd, fourth-generation Dutch-Indonesian family farm in the highlands of Banyuwangi. All the cows have a name and walk freely to the milking shed which uses modern hygienic milking machines and practices. We can certify that the milk has no additives, no pesticides, no hormones and no antibiotics – a beautiful cheese crafter’s milk. We also source the best of Indonesia’s spices, sea salts and local organic herbs to bring out the best in our premium cheeses.

Deliver in a glass jar. Return the glass jar in complete and clean condition, get your 1k coupon.


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