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Cake Pear Pound

Milk Up
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600 g
Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Non Organic

Fluffy, sweet, moisture — the best! Our old-fashioned Raisin Pound Cake is great for impressing guests at your next friends gathering.
Sweet raisins with the richness of our creamy plant-based Coconut Yogurt make this Raisin Pound Cake absolutely irresistible. Tiny bits of raisins create a sweetness to every slice. We use grandma’s all time favorite recipe adding more richness to the flavor with our all-natural Coconut Yogurt. It is really something special right from the heaven!
Our cake is made by hand with only natural ingredients and for the love of doing it.
No added preservatives, GMOs, thickeners, stabilizers or any other artificial ingredients.
Serve it with glazed chocolate for the best taste or with yogurt
Perfect for kids and adults!

Ingredients: fresh pears, wheat flour, eggs, coconut yogurt, butter, baking powder, sugar, vanilla extract, sliced almond on the top.

Recommended use
keep in a fridge 3-5 days. Keep frozen 1-2 months.

Keep frozen for 1-2 months
* oven *
– preheat the oven to 180 c°
– when the oven has heated, unwrap the casserole and slide into the oven.
– bake for 8-10 minutes, until the center is soft
* microwave *
– place the casserole upside-down into a special plate for microwaves
– microwave on full power for about 3 – 3.5 minutes (depending on your microwave)
* natural way *
– unwrap the cake and leave it for about 1 hour to defrost, until it is ready to eat

Size: 600 g


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