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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Non Organic
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Raw dog bones are nature’s ultimate toothbrush – chewing removes plaque and tartar from teeth and freshens breath. Dogs in the wild have beautiful teeth and healthy gums, because the prey they eat requires a lot of chewing, and the sinewy composition helps to clean each entire tooth.

Tips for Feeding Raw Bones:
• Always supervise a dog when it is chewing on a raw bone.
• Feed raw bones in an area that can be easily cleaned.
• Dogs should never be fed a cooked bone.

Benefits Include:
• minerals, including calcium, magnesium and phosphorous
• protein-containing essential amino acids, including lysine
• essential fatty acids
• fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E)
• blood-forming nutrients (these are in the marrow), including copper and iron.
• Bones keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy
• They provide your dog with exercise, strengthening their jaws and upper body.
• They keep your dog occupied. Dogs that have a bone to chew are happier and calmer.
• Bones provide great exercise and help with mental health

Ingredients: Beef Marrows, in 1-2 inch cuts

Origo Wild offers healthy and natural options to your beloved furry friends! Origo wild helps your four-legged friends live longer and happier lives – They acknowledge that diet alone cannot necessarily cure an illness in every case, but any comfort it brings to our furry family’s life is a blessing.

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