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Natural Cleaner – All Purpose

Republic of Soap



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Origin: Bali
Cultivation: Natural

Detergent‐Free, Ready‐to‐Use Surface Cleaner.

If you had to have one cleaner to use in your home, this would be it! The Pure Vegan All‐Purpose Cleaner performs brilliantly on… everything. Exceptional performance on glass, mirrors, marble stainless steel, chrome, wood, porcelain, tile, aluminum and painted surfaces. In fact, every hard surface from sinks to floors to countertops and all the nooks and crannies in‐between. Safe, Green & Very Effective.

Ingredients: Buah Klerek, plant based alcohol, citric acid.

All ingredients in Pure Vegan All‐Purpose Cleaner are chemical detergent‐free.

Non toxic – save – Cleans Brilliantly on All Surfaces – Cleans Brilliantly on All Surfaces – Zero Environment Impact – Free Animal Tested – Recyclable.

Easy to Use:
This ready‐to‐use cleaner can be sprayed directly onto any surface and wiped clean with a paper towelor non‐abrasive cloth.
Use exactly as you would the general cleaning products you are currently using. In the Kitchen: Counter surfaces & stovetops. Appliances, microwaves & inside the refrigerator. Floors
& cabinets.
All tile, wood, glass, rubber, plastic, metal & stone surfaces.
In the Bathroom: Toilet, sink, bathtub & shower. Ceramic floor & wall tiles. Mirrors & glass shower stalls. Chrome fixtures & towel racks. Tile, laminate & marble countertops.
In the Garage: Tools & workbenches.
Around the House: Windows, floors, & railings. Light fixtures & switches. Screen windows.
Automotive: Safe for vinyl, cloth or leather seats.
Outdoors: Decks & patios. Boating & camping.

Republic of Soap® is one of the very few Class A Cosmetics Manufacturing Facilities on the island of Bali that is approved by the Indonesian. Everything they do is to add enjoyment to everyday life, helping people to enrich their personal time and space through indulgence and pampering and to find balance in their lives to recharge.

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