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Bali Sustainable Seafood
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~ 440 g

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Origin: Java Sea
Cultivation: Wild

Pompano contains 1050 mg of heart-healthy Omega-3 per serving. Pompano has been initially frozen at an ultra-low temperature of around -98°C before being transferred to a standard temperature freezer to preserve the color (rich, red bloodline), taste, texture and shelf life.

The silvery skin of pompano is edible and makes an attractive plate presentation. This fish is excellent for sashimi, broiling, baking and pan-frying. This product is sustainably raised and harvested, and fully traceable.

Freshly frozen.

Bali Sustainable Seafood was established in 2016 to provide high-quality seafood for a wide array of local businesses. All BSS seafood products are wild-caught and harvested using sustainable fishing methods.


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