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MilkUp! Athletes And Fitness Chicks

Editorial Team | November 20, 2020 | 0 comment |

Cooking time: 2 min


70g blackberry
80g blueberry
250g pack MilkUP! Tvorog

This is a delicious sport meal with a protein kick to help you stay in shape. Protein is wonderful for muscle development, which means this would be a good one to consume following a workout.

Our fresh and nutritional Nonfat 0% Tvorog has all the rich dairy goodness you crave. Rich in protein and calcium with none of fat, this cool, and refreshing snack will help keep you full for longer rather than counting down the minutes until your next meal.

In place of adding a number of fruits or sweeteners, try using berries instead. They’ll give a delightful taste without all of the sugar and calories. And you can also benefit from the natural energy of berries. We used blackberries and blueberries – they are packed with Vitamin C!

Just add the berries to the Nonfat 0% Tvorog and your tasty meal is ready.

We all want to remain healthy and eating clean is a good instrument to keep us on track. So take to these healthy recipe to ensure you’re staying fit.

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