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Harvesting Hope: Bali’s Sandan Natural Farm Cultivates a Better Future

Editorial Team | April 13, 2023 | 0 comment |

sandan natural farm

Sandan Natural Farm was started during the covid lockdown by Wahyu, who had been working as a barista, and Ayu, who was still in college. Like many others, their plans were upended by covid policies. They decided to return to their village where they had 20 are of family land and turn their hand to farming the rich Bedugul volcanic soil. Whilst they came from farming families, they did not themselves have any experience in farming and absolutely none in organic farming. Their success is therefore an outcome of a passion for organic, buckets of determination, technical support from good people, and much encouragement from onlookers and visitors. You cannot help but root for them. The success is theirs however, they are self-funded and have recently added 5 are to their farm.


Sandan Natural Farm produces a wide variety of organic veggies, especially leafy greens, and is located high up in Bedugul beyond the rice fields. They use absolutely no chemicals and create their own pesticides and fertilizer from composted organic matter from their own farm as well as cow, rabbit, chicken, and horse manure and urine. Planting along permaculture principles supports symbiotic growth and helps prevent pests from invading their plots. Their farm is entirely run by themselves and their local community and they give back to the community by providing English lessons for local children.


They are not certified, the cost and process of organic certification is prohibitive. At Bali Direct Store we have after some experience prioritised due diligence and farm visits over certificates. Sandan is happy to facilitate these for curious customers who are welcome to eat straight from the fields. It is a privilege to provide a market for this young couple. Some challenges remain! Like broccoli. The pests love it as much as we do! But with patience and support we are confident that they will overcome this challenge too.

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