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  • Vegan Camembert

    Vegan Camembert

    TreeNut Cheezery Rp 119,000
    200 g

    In stock


  • Organic Tomato

    Organic Tomato Red

    Bukit Mesari Rp 28,000
    500 g


  • Sale! organic passion fruit

    Organic Passion Fruit

    Temuku Pupuan Rp 98,000 Rp 69,000
    1 kg

    In stock


  • Organic Asparagus

    Organic Asparagus

    Temuku Pupuan Rp 39,000 Rp 35,000
    200 g

    In stock

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All about Bali Direct

Bali direct

We Like to be Local

We source from producers that focus on making and purveying local products.

We Like to be Open

We source from producers that are transparent about the way they work.

We Like to be Kind

We source from producers that care about their social and environmental impacts.

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The Snail of Approval Award

The Snail of Approval is awarded by the Slow Food Movement – a global, grassroots organization working to prevent the disappearance of local food traditions and rekindle interest in the food we eat, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us.
Slow Food Bali awards the Snail of Approval to those producers, purveyors and artisans who contribute to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food and beverages we consume in Bali.

Happy Clients

“As a wife and a mother, I’ve always wanted to serve my family delicious healthy meals at home. All I need to do is simply click on the items I’d like to purchase and pay using Bitcoin – yes Bitcoin – and next day they deliver fresh produce wrapped in banana leaves. This saves me time and promotes health and environmental awareness.” Amma Bear

“This service is fantastic. Even though I live in Nusa Lembongan they are still able to get the items to me. The food always arrives fresh, and I love the fact everything is wrapped in banana leaves, not plastic. They are always very responsive to queries as well.” Annabelle Webb

“I love the organic products and commitment to no plastic. The staff is always punctual, honest, friendly, and so reliable, and it’s a pleasure to see the drivers every time they arrive with a delivery. I love using Bali Direct and I tell all my friends about it.” Dani Gordon

“A big thank you to the team at Bali Direct for supplying amazing food for my family here in Ubud. Orders are delivered quickly and the fruit and vegetables are always wrapped in compostable banana leaves. Their great range of products just keeps getting better!” Tim Prebble

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