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Rp 108.000
Rp 39.000
Rp 87.000
Rp 67.000
Choco Cherry Cheese Cake
Rp 62.000
Rp 41.000

This Month Favorites

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Noodle Shirataki Gluten Free from Ambico
Rp 13.500
Chocolate Berau Dark 70% from Korte
Rp 63.000
Fruitless Energy Ball
Rp 33.000
Garlic Sesame Dressing and Sauce
Rp 53.000
Dried Mangosteen
Rp 44.000
Rp 105.000
Cacao Butter
Rp 93.000


We have a large selection of sophisticated beauty products based on natural Bali ingredients for women, men, and children. Browse our hair & body soaps, no plastic products, balms, masks, oils & scents. All created to add pleasure to your care.

Body care

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Organic Cajeput Oil
Rp 61.000
Feel Good Sunscreen
Rp 149.000
Rp 76.000
Body Lotion Bali Passion
Rp 191.000
Batu Apung Bulat dengan Tali from Organicenter
Rp 13.000

Featured brand

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Bali Grown

Bali Grown has in-house expertise in organic, hydroponic and aquaponic farming and is one of our bestsellers. They have used their skills to become innovative leaders in Bali’s small-scale hydroponic and biodynamic farming sector. Their ready-to-serve salad mixes and nutritious micro-greens are a particular customer favorite.

Local Parts

The butcher shop of award-winning Locavore –- source high quality, healthy, whole animals direct from known farmers. Ray and Elke, the people behind Local Parts, use their experience with Indonesian farms and ‘nose-to-tail’ whole animal principles to offer a selection of fine meats.

Sandan Natural

Wahyu and Ayu come from farming families in Bedugul but were inspired to move to permaculture during covid. With time on their hands they started to explore how to remove toxins from their farms. They now produce organic veggies, especially leafy greens, with no chemicals and nourished by compost created on their own farm.


Savara products are plant-based and cruelty free filled with natural oils, butters and plant extracts that are sustainably sourced mainly in Bali and all over Indonesia. Savara puts attention to detail, small batch production and plenty of research into their products. Quality is at the core of everything Savara produces.
Laundry, floor & dishwashing soaps, ceramic water filters, rattan baskets, natural fabrics, bug & garden solutions, candle & incense. We have a growing range of ideas on how to be naturally home.

home care

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Ping Pong Flower
Rp 73.000
Reed Diffuser Sandalina from Botanical Essential
Rp 436.000
Rp 60.000
All Natural Sponge
Rp 43.000
Bamboo Diaper M from Eco Boom
Rp 211.000


Recipe Ideas

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Pet care

Well priced mince basics, high quality raw mixes, bones to know, healthy ice-cream and donut treats (really!), and plasma sprays for fur and eyes. We have your pets covered.

Pet care

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Origo Dehydrated Green Tripe Chewy
Rp 49.000
Cat Food Medium Raw Chicken and Tuna
Rp 40.000
Origo Dehydrated Chicken Breast Fillet
Rp 49.000
Rp 64.000
Rp 48.000

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The surge of the Adaptogens: functional mushrooms are grown in Bali too!

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We have hand bouquets and roses for gifts, Arum Lily and Pink lace for tables, giant heliconias for dramatic effect, and much more.
Purple Hortensia
Rp 58.000
Green Hydrangea
Rp 51.000
Rp 145.000
Rp 80.000
Rp 63.000


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