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Never Thought Cookies Could be Healthy? Think Again.

Editorial Team | February 18, 2018 | 0 comment |

IniTempe tempe cookies

Here at Bali Direct, we’re on a mission to create sustainable and ethical supply chains for Bali’s best local producers. This week we’re introducing you to one of our favorites: IniTempe.

IniTempe founder Benny Satoso is a young Indonesian entrepreneur with a passion for tempe, and a keen taste for creative, ethical, and delicious products. We’re currently stocking his handmade tempe cookies, which are vegan friendly and made from all natural ingredients. Benny makes all of his tempe products by hand using organic GMO-free soybeans, using only natural ingredients grown from the earth, and applying his love, patience, and care to create exceptionally flavorful and tasty products.

Tempe is a delicious addition to any diet, vegetarian or otherwise. Tempe on its own is perfect for stir-fry, makes for a great salad topping, and can even be used in sandwiches. If you have the creative genes like Benny, then you can use tempe for just about anything, of course cookies included.

As a complete protein, tempe actually contains twice the protein content of tofu. Studies have shown that tempe reduces cholesterol, increases bone density, reduces menopausal symptoms, builds muscle, fights diabetes, and treats cancer and inflammatory diseases. Tempe is not only healthy and delicious, but it originated in Indonesia. There’s truly no better food to eat while you’re here.

IniTempe’s Tempe Cookies come in three flavors: Salty Cacao, Coco Island, and Ginger Kiss. Try all three and let us know which one’s your favorite! This week only, enjoy 10% off.

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