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An April Appreciation for What’s New

Editorial Team | April 29, 2023 | 0 comment |

Bumbak Store Bali Direct Store Hello April newsletter

Where do we even start? Too much for one Newsletter but let’s make a start. First a repeat, because it makes our day, we are working with Sandan NaturalBali Grown and In the Raw. Bali Grown does great salad boxes and power mixes too! Passionate growers at the core of our business. Repeat over, on to the new products.

We have a range of Mediterranean goodies in the store! Olives, capers and artichokes. Aperitivo essentials. On the tea front, a big welcome to Ashitabha, more on that below. We have found an organic option for canned pulses, which took some doing but we are so pleased. We are working closely with Cibo, the well-known Italian restaurant that produces Italian classics of fine quality. There will be a nice range of products coming on line from them. Then there are new protein powders, chocolate spreads, organic salad boxes, soups, and drinks. All great products to keep April interesting and provide shelf space to new producers and products. More on that below.


Ashitabha, a species of the celery family, is a celebrated regenerative wonder tea. This one is grown in Bali. Japanese wonder tea grown on volcanic Balinese soils. It has a fine earthy flavour too. If you have not yet, we think cultivating an Ashitabha custom is a great new April idea.

Balicious Coconut Series  

Pure coconut is about as good as it gets. But sometimes a little twist is fun too. We have developed Balicious Natural Electrolytes, Coconut Charcoal, Coconut Pick-Me-Up and Coco-Lemon-Chia for a coconut drink with a difference. All variants come with a small contribution to your all round health.

Global Organics 

This brand was hard to track down!  But we persisted as we love to be able to offer an organic option to this basic wholefood. Well here you go, Global Organics at the ready! And here is fingers crossed that we can produce this in Bali or Indonesia one day too!

Onuka Spreads

Handmade from scratch in small batches using dark chocolate and raw nuts. Onuka practices fair trade for the cocoa and the spreads include peanut, cashew, and hazelnut varieties. They have some pretty good chocolate bars too!

Bali Grown Boxes

Bali Grown Aquaponic farmers produce some amazing boxes and mixes! These include the Hydroponic Garden Boxes in Family and Petite versions, as well as their amazing Power Mixes. Check it out online and in our stores. We take back the boxes! Yes they are plastic, yes we have thought about it a lot! This is the best way to reduce organic waste and keep the produce fresh. We can keep the boxes recycling as long as you are game!


Cibo is an Italian Restaurant & Deli focused on quality, home-style food, hand crafted artisan fresh pasta and sauces. We already have some cold cuts, lasagna and pasta in the store, but there is more coming. Chef Diego and his team have a passion to co-create that we share!


We have some good new soups from Cook & Baker for you to try!  They come conveniently frozen in small sizes. Mediterranean Soup, Chicken Egg Drop, Vegetable, Potato and Leek are some of the variants. Perfect for warming up the body on this crazy rainy day.

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